Our Montessori Programs

Words Activity

Stepping Stones Ages 16 months to 3.5 years

A program designed for our young friends to develop self-esteem, independence and verbal skills. The Stepping Stones program is held in the Helen Keller room, a warm, caring environment, which feels like their "home away from home." The room has an attached bathroom and exits directly into the outdoor play area. Under the guidance of certified teachers, our young friends are gently nurtured, encouraged and prepared for their entry into the school world. Montessori materials, specifically designed for this age group, line the shelves that are arranged to the height of the child for easy access. Learning is a joyful process with lots of time for social interaction as well.

Math Activity

Primary Mixed-age Class Ages 3 to 6 years (Includes Kindergarten)

Children aged 3 to 6 are naturally curious, fast learners. It is the period of maximum learning and the “prepared environment’’ in a Montessori classroom is designed for maximum absorption by little minds.

The mixed-age grouping, advocated by Maria Montessori, enables a community feel to the class, with older children serving as role models for the younger friends.

The primary program is held in the Neil Armstrong classroom, a warm, carpeted space with lots of windows for natural light. Montessori materials are arranged sequentially on the shelves in order of increasing difficulty. The room exits directly into the outside play area.

Typical Day for Primary Students

Child Activity

A typical day for Primary students begins with an uninterrupted work cycle in which children choose from among a number of age-appropriate activities. Children receive group, as well as individual lessons, through the support and guidance of Montessori certified teachers.

At the end of the morning children either go home or remain for lunch and/or the afternoon Montessori session. The lunch program incorporates setting tables, grace and courtesy, table conversation, and clean-up. The afternoon session continues similar to the morning.

Both morning and afternoon sessions go out on the playground daily (weather permitting), and both have snack.

We strongly encourage parents to visit our school in order to learn about our academic program, our educational philosophy, and our school community and culture.